Hi, y’all!  In the spirit of Conway, Arkansas’ upcoming ‘Stuck on a Truck’ contest, I thought I’d have a vehicular contest of my own.  I’ve been like a hawk, and kept a bird of prey’s eye on counting every vehicle I’ve traveled in in my round the world trip.  I’ve also kept a pretty darn good approximation of my total miles.

So….The Contest!

1)  What is the Total Number of Vehicles I’ve Traveled In?

2)  What’s the Total Number of Miles I Have Traveled?

And of course there are prizes for the winner of each.  For both categories it’s entertaining crap I’ve picked up in Africa.  It’s worth it, and I’ll mail it to you once I get home.  Just post your guess for each question.  And if you’re feeling shy, you can post under some anonymous name, and I can still see the email you enter and no one else can, so don’t worry.  LASTLY!  ‘Price is Right’ rules.  If you’re over, even by one, tough muffins, cupcake.  Results will be posted when I get home and winner(s) announced.  


About benlownik

I'm a Watson Fellow who will be essentially studying how bicycles help people around the world. This is about what I am learning, my journey, and discoveries. Read on!
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  1. Jennifer Ludovici says:

    Number – 232
    Miles – 1,760


  2. G & G Brunker says:

    Modes of transportation or number of vehicles? There’s a variation here.

    Miles you’ve traveled around the world to reach home in Wisconsin? Lets start at 20,000 miles. Whistle in the wind here! Can’t imagine! xxxooo

    • benlownik says:

      Total number of vehicles. And also you and Grandpa both have to guess, that way you have something to compete over.

      • G & G Brunker says:

        Ho, Ho, Ho! We could never compete with each other! Well, maybe. I’ll tell him the contest is on…when he gets home! xxx

  3. Michele Amar says:

    I never pegged you for the Bob Barker type, but now i totally see the resemblance 🙂
    hmmm . . . how about 300 vehicles and 17,500 miles?
    gift wrapping not necessary – just a simple bow will do. k thx.

  4. G & G Brunker says:

    Per Webster’s New World Dictionary: Any device on wheels or runners for conveying persons or objects, as a cart, sled, automobile etc. so, I’m putting bicycles in that catagory too. I will say 47 vehicles, total. And, you will be the prize!

  5. Rose says:

    1. 353 vehicles
    2. 25,929 miles

    These guesses are for the grand totals, right? After you’re back in Madison? If they’re not, I need to adjust my guesses.

  6. G & G Brunker says:

    well ben ,I will try to outdo gram,s. 4900 nautical miles and 11278 land miles. that is as close as I could read my ruler. So this is types of different vehicles? Bike ,car. plane, train,boat . so the num ber is 5, unless you count the camel on roller skates Grampa wins,

    • benlownik says:

      Hi Grandpa! I think Grandma was trying to trick you so she could win the prize. It’s the TOTAL number of vehicles, and NOT the total number of KINDS of vehicles. So, say if I was in four buses throughout the year, that would count as four, and not just one. So, with that clarified, I’d recommend boosting your guess a bit because it’s certainly been more than 5!

  7. Kitty MacFarlane says:

    Yahoo! I love guessing contests!
    Total number of vehicles: wait, you counted ’em all? All? Are you sure? Did you write them down? Ok, ok…192
    Total number of miles: 21,468 (that’s nautical plus land)

    Safe home, Ben!

  8. G & G Brunker says:

    Ok Ben. I will try another method for vehicles. So 11,278 land miles and the 278 sounds like a good number. so that is my new number. I liked the camel on roller skates as my favorite. grampa

  9. G & G Brunker says:

    From Christopher, I think that the total number of miles that you traveled is 12,649 miles, and for the number of vehicles, I think it is 314. Can’t wait to see you short Ben! (AKA poor face)

  10. G & G Brunker says:

    hey its pachy-poo first if your reading this then I got your carrots, second I guess that you got on 46 cars and travled 14324mi, and third I know you got my carrots before so I will steal them once again

  11. Reebs says:

    Hm…. number of vehicles, that includes bikes too? I’m going to say 288

    and…. 28,000 miles

    feel free to send me extra prizes for being so good at guessing.

  12. Kady says:

    69 vehicles
    420 miles

    Really? You expected a real answer from me? You don’t know me at all sir.
    And screw Kathy Newton.

  13. Luke says:

    In the spirit of world travels, I’ll use the units accepted by every reasonable country on earth- 60,000 km. I think its more, but because we’re price is right style and no one is bidding nearly this high, I’ll stick with this.

    Also, you owe my wife a drink. Also, see you soon! Hurray!

  14. Luke says:

    Oh yeah, number of vehicles. Mac-attach got it backwards. 420 vehicles.

  15. Julie Fitz says:

    Oooh! Can’t resist a contest. I’m gonna guess:
    Vehicles = 91
    Miles = 27,121

  16. Matt Mal says:

    1) If a bike counts, 3,000; If not, 600
    2) 2,999 miles

    Mwa ha ha ha ha!

  17. Matt Mal says:

    I would like to change my #1 answer to 300.

  18. jessonnf says:

    Vehicles 254
    Miles 24,000.

    Are there two separate prizes or is there some formula for figuring out who had the best guesses overall?

  19. WAW says:

    Number of vehicles: 6

    Miles: 6

  20. Dad says:

    After careful consideration, my guesses are as follows:

    Vehicles – 222
    Miles – 53,205

    For my prize, I would like the remains of one of the four cameras that sacrificied themselves for the sake of your trip.

  21. Julie Fitz says:

    So Ben …. are we ever going to find out the actual numbers for this puppy? 🙂

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