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I'm a Watson Fellow who will be essentially studying how bicycles help people around the world. This is about what I am learning, my journey, and discoveries. Read on!

‘Cause Statisticians Like Us, Baby We Were Born to Run

Back.  Trip done.  And frankly, so is my mojo to write more for this blog, but some sort of conclusion I think is needed.  So, concerning my trip, with nowhere now to look but retrospectively, where has it taken me? … Continue reading

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Getting into Some Hot Water in Tibet

This post is slightly out of order, like always. After Thailand I spent a good chunk of time in Cambodia and Hanoi, Vietnam. I’d like to get around to posting entries on these places, but I figured I’d write on … Continue reading

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Hi, y’all!  In the spirit of Conway, Arkansas’ upcoming ‘Stuck on a Truck’ contest, I thought I’d have a vehicular contest of my own.  I’ve been like a hawk, and kept a bird of prey’s eye on counting every vehicle I’ve traveled … Continue reading

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Here’s what happened to me upon immediately crossing the Laos / Thailand border: In compliance with my fellowship’s guidelines and to alleviate fretful family I entered an internet café to email the news of my crossing the border into Thailand.  … Continue reading

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Hangzhou: In Search of the Quintessence of Chinese Culture

This blog is out of order, slightly.  I went from living in Tianjin to Hangzhou, and then on to South East Asia.  Apologies. Hangzhou.  It’s where I’ve been living for the past month.  And about the name?  Don’t worry, it’s … Continue reading

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A Night at The Movies

Greetings!  Well, it’s been about forever ago since I last had either an internet connection that wasn’t mind-numbingly slow, or living under the Great Firewall of China, which doesn’t allow access to Youtube.  Anyways, I thought I’d take quick advantage … Continue reading

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The following entry is about my journey across Laos to the capital, Vientiane.  There are not any pictures from the capital, which will be explained below. It’s not a good thing when your country is described as having been “bombed … Continue reading

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