Where’s Ben?

This is going to be the shortest and most updated post.  The idear is to let you know where I am NOW, as that my posts seem to be a long time coming.  But before you read on, I’d click here.

So, where am I?

Cape Town, South Africa.  I’ll be working from here until roughly mid-November.  During this time I will be traveling throughout the country for a few days, primarily within the Western Cape Province.  Here is a map of a few of the places I expect to be.

Where am I Goin’ to Next?

Accra, Ghana.

Mid-November – Around New Years


6 Responses to Where’s Ben?

  1. Julie Yeager says:

    Hey…This is so cool to be able to keep in touch and ‘see’…now I’ve gotta catch up on the last month. Keep on keepin’ on…and I hope you’re well in all regards. We love you. Bill and Jul

  2. Julie Yeager says:

    And my dear Ben…I’m so grateful you’re so techno-swavay…it is such a marvel in comparison to 20 yrs ago….just amazing. I’m loving the photos and hope you are able to absorb all you’re experiencing. Love to you. Juls

  3. Alisha Andrews says:

    Ben! I have been reading up on your travels. I hope that you are well. Much love. Alisha.

  4. Alisha Andrews says:

    Ben! I have been trying to find you with old phone numbers and such with no luck. I think this is the last way I can contact you. Please give me a call or send me an email when you can. I hope you are well.

  5. John Kelly says:

    Ben, I hope this is the correct web address for you.
    Are you related to Dr. Jim Lownik and Mary Lownik of Franklin, WI?
    When we visited them in Apache Junction last year they gave me this web page for you.
    your distant cousin in Monrovia, CA
    John Kelly

    • benlownik says:

      Hi John,

      Sorry for the long delay in my reply. Yes, Jim and Marry are my grandparents. Thanks for the greeting, and hope you enjoyed the blog.

      Your Much Colder Distant Cousin, presently in Chilly London


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